Pen Collector and Information Sites

Web Directories

Glenn's Pens - Glenn Marcus, large resource on pen stores, pen manufacturers, and articles on pens, New Westminster, BC, Canada
Glenn's Pens - Glenn Marcus, alternate URL, large resource on pen stores, pen manufacturers, and articles on pens, New Westminster, BC, Canada - The largest pens links list on the internet,, Raleigh, NC, USA - main site, the largest pens links list on the internet, Raleigh, NC, USA

Pen Show Lists

European Pen Shows - European Pen Shows list
PenBookmarks Pen Shows - US and European Pen Shows
UK Pen Shows - UK Pen Shows organizer site


Officina della Scrittura - Aurora museum, Torino, Italy

Collector Sites

A Few Notes About Fountain Pens - Michael Covington, Athens, GA, USA
All Things Stationery - Blog by Tessa Sowry, UK
Alt Haven - Pen blog, Junee Lim, Singapore
Anderson Pens Blog - Pen blog, Brian and Lisa Anderson, Wisconsin, USA
Art of Pen - Alain Dbjay
Bill's Fountain Pen Page - Also sells pens, and pen company catalog reprints, Bill Acker, USA
Richard Binder - Fountain Pens - Extansive and detailed articles on vintage pens, also repairs pens and sells new and vintage pens, Nashua, NH, USA
Chilton Pens - Chilton Pens history and sales of vintage pens, Rick Krantz, USA
The Clicky Post - Pen, pencil, paper product reviews, Mike Dudek, USA
Crónicas Estilográficas - Pen blog, Bruno Taut, Japan
Francisco Cribari's Personal Fountain Pen Page - Francisco Cribari-Neto, Brazil
Dennis Elloitt - Covers fountain, dip, and ballpoint pens, Dennis Elloitt, UK - Also sells Esterbrook pens, USA - Extensive information on Esterbrook fountain pens, also sells pens, Brian P. Anderson, USA
Esterbrook Art and Drafting Pens - Hans Presto, Sweden
Esterbrook Nibs Guide - Larry Snyder, USA
Estilograficas - Extensive pen articles in Spanish, Spain
Estilomania - In Spanish, Spain
Vincent Fatica's Pens Page - Vincent Fatica, USA
Fountain Pen Index - Parker and Waterman ephemera, Paul LoCasto, USA
Fountain Pen Restoration Blog - Focus on restoration of vintage pens, P. Munson, USA
Fountain Pens: Don's Online Shrine - Also sells vintage pens, Don Fluckinger, USA
FPGeeks - Reviews, articles, Inkcylopedia, video podcasts, and collector information, USA - Reviews, articles and collector information, USA
Good Pens - Reviews, news, and collector information, Seth Goodling, USA
Pier Gustafson - Focus on calligrapy, Somerville, MA, USA
Inky People Daily - Blog on fountain Pens, inks, and notebooks, David Jackson, Albany, NY, USA
Isreal Ben-Sinai - Israel Ben-Sinai, Information on Israeli and pre-Israeli pen makers, Israel
Joe's Pencil Pages - A virtual mechanical pencil museum in cyberspace, Joe Nemecek, USA
Just Another Pen! - Michael Marzari, German blog evolving around pens, ink, paper and all about writing culture. In German, Germany
Kovel's Online - Searchable price history guide, USA
Kalam Liano Pen Collection - Personal pen collection, Indonesia
Lady Dandelion - Writing and pen blog
The Leadhead's Pencil Blog - Pencil collecting blog, Jonathan A. Veley, Esq., Newark, Ohio, USA
LeBoeuf Pens - Focus on LeBoeuf Pens, Álvaro Romillo, José Grillo
Ma collection de stylos Parker - Pen blog focused on Parker pens, France
Mabie Todd - Mabie Todd focus, David L. Moak, USA
Mabie Todd Pen Listings - Comprehensive list of Mabie Todd pen models
Greg Minuskin - Nib retipping and fountain pen repairs, also sells vintage pens and pen blog, Tustin, CA, USA
Modern Montegrappa Pens - Overview of Montegrappa regular edition pens from the 1970s through about 2010, James Richardson, USA
More Engineering - Repairs / converts obsolete Parker fibre tips, collects P25s and other rare Parkers, buys and sells Parker pens, Darryl Kingshott, UK
My Old Drawer - Old fountain pens repair and restore memorandum, in Japanese, Japan
My Pen Collection - M. Tamer Ozsu, also sells pens, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada
My Supply Room - I run my own Pen Store and I am my only Customer, George Fox, USA
MYU's Pen Reviews - Pen reviews, USA
The Noble Savage - My Fountain Pen Reviews - Fountain pen reviews blog, USA
oPENions - Pen reviews, John Morgan, USA
Stephen Overbury Fine Writing Instruments - Stephen Overbury, USA
Paperpenalia - Focus on writing, also sells pens, Dyas A. Lawson, USA - Extensive information on the Parker 51 line, also sells vintage pens, Ernesto M. Soler, Palatine, IL, USA - Extensive information on the Parker 75 line, also sells vintage pens, Lih-Tah Wong, Troy MI, USA
Parker Fountain Pens - Extensive information on Parker pens, Montblanc penography, Tony Fischier, Sweden
Parker Fountain Pens - Extensive information on Parker pens, Montblanc penography, alternate URL, Tony Fischier, Sweden
Parker Ephemera - Parker advertising and catalog, USA
Parker Fountain Pens - Parker pen information, also sells vintage pens, Eric Fonville, Ann Arbor, MI, USA - A general antique patent resource with many pen and pencil patents, Milwaukee, WI, USA
Pelikan Collectibles - Extensive detailed information and catalogs for Pelikan Collectors, Dominic Rothemel, Germany
The Pelikan's Perch - Focus on Pelkian pens, Joshua Danley, USA
The Pen Addict - Pen blog, Brad Dowdy, USA
A Penchant for Paper - Reviews of paper, pens, pencils, notebooks, and journals, Heather Papertrees, Canada
PenArte - Carlos SanchezAlamo, Spain
The Pencil Pages - Extensive articles on pencils, including mechanical pencils, Doug Martin, USA
The Penguin Blog - Pen blog, Rick Propas, USA - PenGallery penographies, articles, and collector information, Raleigh, NC
Penkala - Articles and information on Penkala pens, Penkala book, Miroslav Tischler, Croatia
Pen Laboratory - Pen blog, in Chinese
Pen Note - Pen blog, in Chinese, Taiwan
The Pen Room - Pen museum located in a former pen factory, Birmingham, UK
Pens Limited - Photo illustrated site on Montblanc limited editions, USA
Penspotters - Penspotters, formerly Penoply, extensive articles on pen history and repair information, Richard Conner, Washington, DC, USA
The Pentiques Blog - Aaron and Kim Svabik, Youngstown, Ohio, USA
Pentrace - Extensive articles, information, and discussion board, Donal Higgins, Ireland
A Propensity To - Pen blog, Chris Gottlieb, USA
Ravens March Fountain Pens - Pen blog, also repairs and sells repaired pens, Ernst Bitterman, Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada - In Swedish, Sweden
The Restorers Art - Also sells and repairs pens, David Armstrong, Toronto, Ontario, CA
Rivera Pens - Pilot Namiki Capless/Vanishing Point history page, Carmen Rivera, USA
RossPens - Moore Pen Company collector information, also sells vintage pens, Ross McKinney, Durham, NC, USA
Sanchez Alamo Pens - Pen blog by Carlos Sànchez-Alamo Pérez, France - Articles on early Sheaffer pens, advertisements, and catalog reprints for sale, Roger Wooten, IL, USA
Jonathan Steinberg's Collectables Website - Author of Fountain Pens and Fountain Pens - Their History and Art, online articles, Jonathan Steinberg, USA
Swan Pens - Information on Mabie Todd (& Bard) and Swan pens
Russ Stutler - Information on pens and shops in Japan, Russ Stutler, Japan - Review site
Vacumania - Articles on pens and vintage pens for sale, David Isaacson, Rochester, NY, USA
Viki's Pen Page - General information, also sells pens on eBay, USA
The Vintage Pens Website - Detailed information on many pens, also sells vintage pens, David Nishimura, Providence, RI, USA
Web Resources Concerning the Mechanical Pencil Industry in Chicago - Robert L. Bolin, USA
The Well Appointed Desk - Pen and ink review blog
Barbara and Tom Westerich - Also new and vintage pens for sale, Italy
Werner's Info-Seite Pelikan-Fuller - Extensive information on Pelikan pens, In German and English, Werner Rüttinger, Bamberg, Germany
Yore Write - Extensive information on collecting victorian and vintage writing implements and accessories, along with links to related websites, Bob Blackburn, Ontario, Canada


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