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alt.collecting.pens-pencils - On-line version of UseNet board
Estilofilia - Pen discussion forum in portuguese, Luciano B. Rodrigues
The Fountain Pen Board - David Isaacson, USA
Fountain Pen Classifieds - Sale / trade board, USA

PenHeroThe Fountain Pen Network - The largest pen discussion site on the internet
The Fountain Pen Network - Philippines - A writing instruments, pen repair, ink, and stationery interest group
FPGeeks Forum - Forum for
The International Association of Penturners - Forum for The International Association of Penturners - Italian pen forum, in Italian

PenHeroPenTrace - Also extensive pen-related articles
PenTrace - Also extensive pen-related articles - alternate URL - Pen discussion forum - in French

Yahoo Pen Groups

Yahoo Aluminum Penmakers Group Forum
Yahoo Fountain Pen Collecting Forum
Yahoo National Pen Club Forum
Yahoo Pelikan Pens Forum
Yahoo Pen Makers Forum
Yahoo Pen Makers Guild Forum
Yahoo Pen Making Forum
Yahoo Pens And Pencils Forum
Yahoo Pen Repairs Forum
Yahoo Pens4sale Forum
Yahoo Pen Turners Forum

Zoss Email Pen List

The Zoss Pen List - Website for the email Zoss Pen List, Tom Zoss, USA
The Zoss Pen List On-line Archive - On-line archive of the Zoss Pen List on Listarchive from September, 2005, Tom Zoss, USA


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