Pen Dealers - Vintage and Auction Houses

Auction Sites - Online Auctions

Bonanzle - General on-line auction site, USA


Bonhams - Auction House, UK
eBay - Pens & Writing Instruments category, USA
enter-net Auktionen - Pen auction site, Germany
Martini - On-line auction site, Regina Martini, Bergisch Gladbach, Germany
MercadoLibre - eBay's Latin America partner site, USA
PenBoard Germany - Pen sale / auction site with select sellers, Germany

Auction Sites - Auction Houses

Cooper Owen - London, UK
Dreweatts Bloomsbury Auctions - London, UK
Goldberg Coins and Collectibles Auctions - Auction house, USA
Gorringes - Auction house, UK - Auction search site, USA
Sloans & Kenyon - Auction house, N. Bethesda, MD, USA

Vintage Pen Dealers in the USA and Canada

Anderson Pens - New and vintage pens, also repairs pens, Brian and Lisa Anderson, Appleton, WI
Antiqueline - Annette Wolf Bensen, New York, USA
Artofpen - Alain Dbjay
Avalon Fountain Pens - Also sells new pens and repairs pens, Zionsville, IN, USA
Richard Binder - Fountain Pens - Also repairs pens, extensive collector information>, Richard Binder, Nashua, NH, USA
Charm City Pens - Vintage pens, Michael Quitt, Baltimore, MD, USA
Chilton Pens - Chilton Pens history and sales of vintage pens, Rick Krantz, USA
Dayne's Vintage Pens - Dayne Nix, Monterey, CA, USA - Also Esterbrook collector information, USA - Also extensive information on Esterbrook fountain pens, Brian P. Anderson, USA
Five Star Pens - Dakota Dunes, SD, USA
Fountain Pen Hospital - Also sells new pens and repairs pens, New York, NY, USA
Tim Girdler Pens - Also sells new pens and repairs pens, USA
GoPens - Gary & Myrna Lehrer, Woodbridge, CT, USA
Indy-Pen-Dance - Restored pens, new pens and pen repairs, Zionsville, IN, USA
Inkpen Vintage Writing Instruments - Joel Hamilton & Sherrell Tyree, Also repairs pens and sells new pens, Alamogordo, NM, USA
Jake's Pens - Jacob J. Leventhal, Chesterfield, MO, USA
June’s Antique Deskstuff -Sells vintage Canadian, American and other pens. Pamela J. Hambrook,Kamloops, BC, Canada
Deb Kinney / The Pen Conoisseur - Also sells new pens, Noodlers ink dealer, and repairs pens, Deb Kinney, USA
Martin's Pens 51 - Also repairs pens, Martin Ferguson, Midlothian, VA, USA
Main Street Pens - Also repairs pens, Ron Zorn, NY, USA
Greg Minuskin - Nib retipping and fountain pen repairs, also sells vintage pens and pen blog, Tustin, CA, USA
My Grandpa's FOuntain Pens - Vintage pens and used modern pens for sale, USA
My Pen Collection - Also pen gallery, M. Tamer Ozsu, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada - Also sells customized pens, new pens, and repairs pens, Los Angeles, CA, USA
Northwest Penworks - Michael McNeil, Also repairs pens, Portland, OR, USA
NYC Pens - Vintage and Limited Edition Pens, Bob Novak, New York, NY, USA
Paperpenalia - Focus on writing, also sells pens, Dyas A. Lawson, USA - Information on the Parker 51 line and pens for sale, Ernesto M. Soler, Palatine, IL, USA - Information on the Parker 75 line and pens for sale, Lih-Tah Wong , USA
Parker Fountain Pens - Also Parker information, Eric Fonville, Ann Arbor, MI, USA
Passion du jour - Also repairs pens, Daniel Smith, Ankeny, IA, USA
Pendemonium - Sam and Frank Fiorella, Fort Madison, IA, USA
Pendleton's Pens - Also repairs pens and does nib work, Pendleton Brown, Cumming, GA , USA
PENguin - Focus on Pelikan, Rick Propas, USA - Also sells new pens, Barb Mamoulides, Raleigh, NC, USA
Pen Man's Antiques - USA
Penopoly - Also repairs pens, San Leandro, CA, USA - On-line forum and pens for sale, Mark Bacas, USA
Penquest - Sells vintage and gently used pens, Kim Sosin, Omaha, NE, USA
Pensbury Manor - Specializing in Wahl Eversharp, Syd Saperstein, USA
Pensations - Also sells new pens and repairs pens, Danville, KY, USA
Pens of Dist-INK-tion - RetroFit Pen - converted vintage pens, also makes handcrafted pens and sells vintage pens, Carl Seidl, Lakeland, FL, USA
PenstopOnline - Maryan & Steve Zucker, Also sells new pens, Brooklyn, NY, USA - Also repairs pens and sells new pens, Aaron and Kim Svabik, Youngstown, OH, USA - Vintage pens and tools for repairing them, USA
Perks - Vancouver, BC, Canada
Pete's Pen Shop - Conrad (Pete) Kirby, McKinney, TX, USA
Peyton Street Pens - Specializes in Sheaffer NOS, Teri Morris, Santa Cruz, CA, USA
Ravens March - Also repairs pens and has repair instructions, Ernst Bitterman, Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada
The Restorers Art - Also sells and repairs pens, David Armstrong, Toronto, Ontario, CA
Carmen Rivera Pens - Focus on Limited Edition pens, Carmen Rivera, USA
RossPens - Ross McKinney, Moore Pen Collector History, Durham, NC, USA
Santa Fe Pens - Santa Fe, NM, USA
John Schwab's Fountain Pens - John Schwab, USA
Roger Wooten's - Articles on Sheaffer Flattops, Advertisements, Catalog reprints for sale, Roger Wooten, IL, USA
Southern Scribe - Also sells new pens and repairs pens, Rick Horne, Carrollton, GA, USA
Vacumania - David Isaacson, Rochester, NY, USA
Vintage Pens Home Page - Jonathan Steinberg, extensive collector information, USA
The Vintage Pens Website - David Nishimura, extensive collector information Providence, RI, USA
Susan Wirth's Homepage - Milwaukee, WI

Vintage Dealers Outside the USA and Canada

1001 Pens - Max Davis, Paris, France
Alcivander Canetas - Also repairs pens, Belo Horizonte, Brazil
All You Want to Know About Fountain Pens - Tony Fischier, Sweden
Andy's Pens - Restorer and vendor of vintage pens, also sells new pens, Andy Evans, UK
Battersea Pen Home - Also sells new pens, Simon Gray, UK
Casa das Canetas - Also sells new pens and repairs pens, Curitiba, PR, Brazil
Castello's Collection - Ezequiel Castello, Argentina
Cathedral Pens - Specializes in Vintage Pens, handmade Ebonite Pens from India, ink and pen repair tools, Ian Williamson, Lichfield, Staffordshire, UK
CSV Pens - Focus on vintage Conway Stewart pens, Simon Neil, UK
Daniele Teppa - Daniele Teppa, Torino, Italy
Eaton Post Office - Graham Oliver, UK
Eurobox - Also sells modern pens, in Japanese, Tokyo, Japan - Also sells new pens, articles, and forum, in German, Gary Bartosiewicz, Germany
Fountain Pen Emporium - Mike Breslin, UK
Grandmia Pens - Vintage pens sales and restoration, UK
Hans`s Vintage Fountain Pens - Hans Seiringer, E. Sussex, UK
Heritage Collectables - Havant, UK
The Highlo Pen Museum - Vintage pens for sale, articles on pen repair, and tools, Arthur Twydle, UK
Map Camera-Kingdom Note - Also sells modern pens, in Japanese, Tokyo, Japan
R. Martini's Mailorder - Also sells new pens, Regina Martini, Germany
Melbourne Vintage Pens - Australia
Mora Stylos - Oldwin pens, also sells vintage pens, Andre Mora, Paris, France
More Engineering - Repairs / converts obsolete Parker fibre tips, collects P25s and other rare Parkers, buys and sells Parker pens, Darryl Kingshott, UK
My Pen and Pencil Collection - David Wells, UK
Old School Pens - Alison Brown, Gosbeck, Suffolk, UK
O Médico das Canetas - In Portuguese, Sao Paulo, Brazil
The Onoto Pen Company Limited - Vintage Onoto pens, sales, history and repairs, Dave Glynn, UK - Vintage pens available dating from the 1880's to 1970's by Parker, Waterman and more, UK
The Pen & Pencil Gallery - Jim & Jane Marshall, UK
Pena Lusa - Vintage pens, Portugal - Brian Toynton, UK
Penbox - Stephen Poulton, UK
Pen City - Also sells new pens, Australia
Pen Cluster - Also sells modern pens, in Japanese, Tokyo, Japan
Penfriend - Also sells vintage pens and repairs pens, UK
The Pen Practice - Also repairs pens, Dr. Laurence Oldfield, UK - Brazil
Pen Workshop - UK
Shosaikan - Also sells modern pens, in Japanese, Tokyo, Japan
Resovoarpennor - Pþr Strand, Sweden
Star Fountain Pen - Star Fountain Pen, Brazil
Surrenden Pens - Parker 51 and Parker Duofold books, also sells vintage pens, David Shepherd, Brighton, UK
Vintage Fountain Pens - Also repairs pens, Chris Robinson, UK
Vintage Fountain Pens UK - Hornsea, East Yorkshire, UK
Vintage Pens Collection - Helena Castello, Specializes in vintage pens, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Writetime - E. M. Rose, Somerset, UK
The Writing Desk - Also sells a wide range of inks, Anna Roberts, UK


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