Pen Dealers - New and Liquidators

New Pen Dealers in the USA and Canada

Appointments - Cincinnati, OH
7th Avenue Stationers - - New York, NY
Airline International - El Paso, TX
Altman Luggage - New York, NY
Anderson Pens - New and vintage pens, also repairs pens, Brian and Lisa Anderson, Appleton, WI
A Pen Lovers Paradise - Virginia Beach, VA
Art Brown, now merged with S.T. Dupont - NYC, Inc. - New York, NY
Artlite Pens - Atlanta, GA - Minneapolis, MN
Avalon Fountain Pens - Also sells vintage pens and repairs pens, Zionsville, IN
Berliner Pen - Also sells vintage pens and repairs pens, New York, NY
Bertram's Inkwell - Baltimore, MD
Bittner Fine Pens - Carmel, CA
Broomfield Pen Shop - Boston, MA
Cajun Pen Shop - Metarie, LA
Chatterley Luxuries/PenTime - USA
Colorado Pen Direct - Denver, CO
Colours - Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
The Consumer Link Sheaffer Direct Store - Sheaffer's direct sale store, Shelton, CT
Cross Direct Store - Cross direct sale store, Lincoln, RI
CrossPenMall - Focus on Cross, Providence, RI
Daly's Pen Shop - Milwaukee, WI
Engravably Yours - Spring Valley, NY
Executive Essentials - Schaumburg, IL
Fahrney's Pens - Washington, DC
Fountain Pen Hospital - Also sells vintage pens and repairs pens, New York, NY
Fountain Pen Revolution - Focus on pens made in India. Also sells vintage pens and repairs pens, Conway, AR
Gadgeteer - Omaha, NE
Get The Point - New and vintage pens, Candice Campbell, Tulsa, OK
Tim Girdler Pens - Also sells vintage pens and repairs pens, USA - Aberdeen, NJ
The Goulet Pen Company - Ashland, VA
Gunther Gifts - Carlsbad, CA
H&S Heritage & Style - Webstore for H&S pens, USA
His - Allentown, PA - New York, NY

PenHeroHouse of Fine Writing - Toronto, Ontario, Canada
The Ink Flow - San Antonio, TX
Indy-Pen-Dance - Restored pens, new pens and pen repairs, Zionsville, IN, USA
Inkpen Vintage Writing Instruments - Joel Hamilton & Sherrell Tyree, Pelikan Pens, also repairs pens and sells vintage pens, Alamogordo, NM USA Todd Nussbaum, Glendale, AZ
Jet Pens - Focused on inexpensive Japanese pens - New York, NY
Deb Kinney / The Pen Conoisseur - Also sells vintage pens, Noodlers ink dealer, and repairs pens, Deb Kinney, USA - Walled Lake, MI
Levenger - Delray Beach, FL
The Library Shop - New York Public Library, New York, NY
London Luggage Shop - Detroit, MI
Meister Nibs - Distributes JoWo nibs, Brian Gray, USA - Also sells custom, vintage pens and repairs pens, Los Angeles, CA
Origami Ink - Brick and morter store, Asheville, NC
Paradise Pen Company - USA Chain
Passion4Pens - Variety of high quality fountain pens, Joseph C. Ptasinski, Algonquin, IL
Pen Boutique - Columbia, MD
Pen Chalet - Mesa, AZ - Ellijay, GA - Penclub pens, Wayne, NJ
Pendemonium - Sam and Frank Fiorella, Fort Madison, IA - New Sheaffer, Cross, Giuliano Mazzuoli, and Waterford pens, also sells vintage pens, Barb Mamoulides, Raleigh, NC
Pensations - Also sells vintage pens and repairs pens, Danville, KY
Pens Plus - Delray Beach, FL
Pen-Site - New and Vintage Maki-e dealer, Dave Ushkow, Plainview, NY
PenstopOnline - Also sells vintage pens, Brooklyn, NY
Pen Time - New pens and their own Chatterley Pens, Bryant Greer, USA - Also repairs pens and sells vintage pens, Aaron and Kim Svabik, Youngstown, OH, USA
Penwa Gifts - Medford, NJ
Peyton Street Pens - Specializes in Sheaffer NOS, restored vintage and modern, as well as selling Ranga pens from India, Teri Morris, Santa Cruz, CA, USA - San Francisco, CA
Rotring - Official eStore for Rotring Rapidograph and other pens, Germany
Santa Fe Pens - Santa Fe, NM - Princeton, NJ
Scottsdale Pen - Scottsdale, AZ
Sharon Luggage - Charlotte, NC
Silberman Brown - Seattle, WA
Southern Scribe - Also sells vintage pens and repairs pens, Montgomery, AL - Storefront for and Spalding Pens, Sudbury, MA
Things Remembered - Things Remembered, USA
Tiffany - Tiffany pens, fine pens, USA
Vanness Pen Shop - Mike Vanness, brick and morter pen store, many brands, Little Rock, AR, USA
Wonder Pens Inc. - Jon and Liz Chan, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

New Pen Dealers Outside the USA and Canada

Aesthetic Bay - Singapore
Anything Left-Handed - Calligraphy pens, UK
P. W. Akkerman - In Dutch, Netherlands
Allwrite - Bunnik, The Netherlands
Amity-Net - In Japanese, Japan
Andy's Pens - Also restores and sells vintage pens, Andy Evans, Kent, UK
Battersea Pen Home - Also sells and repairs vintage pens, UK
Bespoke British Pens Limited - Conway Stewart, Onoto, Jack Row, Henry Simpole, and bespoke pens, Newton Abbot, UK
Blot's Pen & Ink Supplies - Calligraphy pens, UK
Brachard - Geneva, Switzerland
Bricknell's Stationery - New Parker and Waterman pens, Bodmin, UK
Tanaka Buneido - In Japanese, Japan
Casa das Canetas - Also sells vintage pens and repairs pens, Curitiba, PR, Brazil
Casa de la Estilografica - Barcelona, Spain
Cathedral Pens - Specializes in Vintage Pens, handmade Ebonite Pens from India, ink and pen repair tools, Ian Williamson, Lichfield, Staffordshire, UK
Central de la Estilografica - Barcelona, Spain
La Couronne du Comte - Tilburg, Netherlands
Cult Pens - Tiverton, UK
Leonard Dews Jewellers - Lytham, UK
Elephant & Coral Pen Distributors - Singapore
Emporium Das Canetas - In Portuguese, Brazil
E. E. Ercolessi - Italy
Ernest Jones - UK
Estilograficas Sacristan - Madrid, Spain
Eurobox - Also sells vintage pens, in Japanese, Tokyo, Japan
Executive Pens Direct - Broad lines of new pens plus corporate sales and engraving, London, UK
Forzieri - Florence, Italy - Also sells vintage pens, articles, and forum, in German, Gary Bartosiewicz, Germany
Giardino Italiano - Italy
Gold Arts - Brighton, UK
Goldsmiths - Braunstone, UK
Harrison & Simmonds - Bedford, UK
Harrod's - London, UK
e+m Holzprodukte - Direct online store, Natural wood pens, Germany
IVT - Mexico City, Mexico
H. Johnson & Son - Nuneaton, UK
Just Write - Blackstone, Queesnland, Australia
KANARA - Bucuresti, Romania
KeS papir a Tollspecialista - Hungary
Lazzaroni - Brescia, Italy
Lemon - in Japanese, Tokyo, Japan
KSGILLS Online Penshop - Malaysia
Lumbers - Leicester, UK
Made in Firenze - Florence, Italy
Mallory Jewelers - Bath, UK
Map Camera-Kingdom Note - Also sells modern pens, in Japanese, Tokyo, Japan
Martini Mailorder - Regina Martini, Germany
Marui - In Japanese, Tokyo, Japan
MelPens - Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Mora Stylos - Oldwin pens, also sells vintage pens, Andre Mora, Paris, France
MrPen - Ruislip, UK
Nagasawa - In Japanese, Osaka, Japan
Nagasawa Pen Style Den - In Japanese, Kobe, Japan
Nakaya - Nakaya direct sale site, Japan
Novelli - Also sells vintage pens, Roma, Italy
O Médico das Canetas - In Portuguese, Sao Paulo, Brazil
The Online Pen Company - Stourport-on-Severn, UK
The Paperie - Chester, UK
Paper People - Calligraphy pens, Crediton, UK
PenBoard! Shop - Tom Westerich, Germany
Penbox - Epworth, UK
Pen Cluster - Also sells vintage pens, in Japanese, Tokyo, Japan
Pen City - Also sells vintage pens, Australia
Penfriend - Also sells vintage pens and repairs pens, UK
The Pen Company - Hitchin, UK
The Pen Gallery - Malaysia
Pen Heaven - London, UK
PensInAsia - Singapore
Pens Plus - Oxford, UK - Jayakarta, Indonesia
The Pen Shop - London, UK
Penshop Deutschland - Germany
The Pen Zone - Banbury, UK
Prouds Gallery - Norfolk Island
Ravil - In Portuguese, Sao Paulo, Brazil
Rei das Canetas - In Portuguese, Brazil
Safety Pens - Madrid, Spain
Sakura Fountain Pen Gallery - Japanese Maki-e and Russian Lacquer Art pens, Catherine Van Hove, Belgium
CARTOLERIA SANGUINETI - In Italian, Genova, Italy
Scribblers - Calligraphy pens, UK
Scribe Writing Essentials - Philippines
Scrittura Elegante - Netherlands
Seikatshusha Pens - Japan
Shosaikan - Also sells vintage pens, in Japanese, Tokyo, Japan
Skripta-Paris - Paris, France
Stipula Penemporium - Stipula direct sales outlet, Firenze, Italy
Stilo Fetti - Rome, Italy
Stylos de Collection - Enghien les Bains, France
Stylos, Plumes et Cie - Nantes, France - Zurich, Switzerland
Tiffany - Tiffany pens, international site, USA
Unique British Gifts - Cheshire, UK
Utility Design - Liverpool, UK
Vintage Pens Collection - Helena Castello, Specializes in vintage pens, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Watchfinder - Maidstone, UK
Webster's Pen Shop - Also repairs pens, Kent, UK
Weidler - Austria
Woods The Stationers - Bath, UK
The World Of Pens - Dubai, United Arab Emirates
The Writing Desk - Also sells vintage pens and wide range of inks, Anna Roberts, UK


Jack Berg Sales - Liquidator who gets NOS items, El Paso, TX - Liquidator, Salt Lake City, UT


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