UPDATE: Eversharp Slim Ventura 1953-1957

We've updated our article on the Eversharp Slim Ventura, the last high end quality fountain pen marketed by Eversharp before the company was sold to Parker. The new pen was introduced in 1953 and shared its name with the prior lever-fill Ventura, which was not much more than a revamped Symphony sporting a new cylindrical cap. Check out all the new details and the updated larger pictures!

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PenHero 365: Sheaffer Triumph Masterpiece c1942-1944

What does the word "masterpiece" bring to mind? If we turn to a dictionary, we are told it is "a work of outstanding artistry, skill, or workmanship," and "an artist's or craftsman's best piece of work." A pen with that name would have to stand up the very highest standards. Let's take a look at the war time top of the line Sheaffer Triumph Masterpiece c1942-1944.


PenGallery: The First Sheaffer Imperial, Model AS9 c1960

Less celebrated or obscure pens are interesting simply because they represent a mystery that needs to be solved. A favorite non-pen collecting activity is reading or watching mysteries, especially those of the famous Belgian detective, Hercule Poirot. Join us in solving the mystery of this uncommon Sheaffer Touchdown pen that bears the Imperial name!



Vaporite Brush Pen c1946-1956

An update to our article on the Vaporite Brush Pen with some new photos and details. Will the Vaporite Brush Pen sneak into your rotation and become your everyday user? Maybe if you're Banksy. The pen does what it was made to do - write really big letters and stuff. This is the pen world's blunt instrument. If huge is your passion, this is your pen!

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PenHero 365: Waterman Vanguard c1960-1967

When I first ran across one of these lightweight sold color pens in a cup in an antique store, I thought they were all plastic Parker 51 knockoffs. The stamping on the clip was so faint I didn't notice it at first, but I did see the "MADE IN ITALY" stamped on the barrel. Looking again and seeing "WATERMANS" stamped lightly down the length of the clip made me wonder even more. Is this a knockoff made in Italy and using the Waterman name?


Wearever Saber c1958-1962: The Pennant evolves into a cartridge pen!

Often confused by collectors as the "cartridge Wearever Pennant," the Wearever Saber cartridge fountain pen was introduced in 1958 and marketed at least through 1962. Read how David Kahn, Inc. competed with the big boys with a cartridge version of its top selling fountain pen! Introduces a new line up photo feature showing each color and variation along with a full screen slideshow including each photo in the article.


PenInHand: July, 2015 - Finding something wonderful - a LeBoeuf Ringtop Sleeve Filler c1932

Once in a while, when searching through antique stores looking for old pens, something truly wonderful turns up. On a recent trip I spotted this very attractive brown and black marble ringtop pen and saw an imprint and nib stamping I had not previously encountered in the wild: LeBoeuf. Of course, I snapped it up!



PenHero 365: Venus Campus Pen Blue c1953

What could you get for a dollar in the 1950s? How about a "Pen-N-Ink" combination, with FREE ink that matches your pen? And the ink bottle comes with enough ink for twenty-five fillings! Can't beat that!



PenInHand: September, 2015: Snorkel Fiesta!

Fiesta Red is one of the brightest and boldest colors in the Sheaffer Snorkel palette and will draw the eye in any collection. If you like Snorkels and bright red pens, you will find any Fiesta Red pen a challenge, both in difficulty and price!

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PenGallery: Ultra Fountain Pen c1958

I stumbled onto the Ultra Fountain Pen line while on an annual trip to Maine. Would these pens be sensational to write with? Would the Ultra Fountain Pen live up to its billing as, "One of the World's Finest Fountain Pens?" That's a towering claim, indeed. And all the way from Italy! I bought the lot and took them home for closer inspection.

Library of Vintage Pen and Pencil User Guides


Library of Vintage Pen and Pencil User Guides

We've updated the Library of Vintage Pen and Pencil User Guides with more Sheaffer and Wearever user guides. The total count is now up to 91 vintage user guides! You can contribute to this database - just click on the link on any of the pages.

PenInHand: August


PenInHand: Lambrou Pens LK1 Serenity 2015: A stunning artist's proof pen in gold trim

The new Lambrou Pens LK1 Serenity is the brain child of one of the Lambrou Pens working group members, it was born from the LR7 Moonlight. They wished for a wolf, in sterling silver howling at the Moon, with a second wolf nearby. This month's PenInHand article is about a one-off artist's proof LK1 in stunning gold plated trim.



Eagle Prestige c1939

An update to our Eagle Prestige story with a detailed examination of the Eagle Prestige mechanism and restoration written by Matthew Greenberger. The pen's operation reminds him most of the Waterman Ink Vue, but with an inner barrel. Filling feels like filling an Ink Vue. See what the INSIDE STORY is on this very uncommon pen!


Wearever Pennant c1950-1960

Next to the Supreme, the Pennant is probably the most common Wearever you will find in the field. The Pennant is the consummate "dollar pen", sold from about 1950 through the early 1960s. It was cheap and nearly indestructible and Wearever sold them by the bucket full. Pennants would be seen typically on card racks and counter top carousels at drug stores and dime stores along with other Wearever products.


Wearever Pennant: The Pen That Solves All of Life's Problems!

Long the biggest manufacturer of inexpensive pens, Wearever launched the $1 Pennant pen in 1950 with an aggressive ad campaign that featured strongly worded headlines, lists of value features, emphasis on the $1 price point compared to other pens, and most interestingly, comic vignettes showing how Wearever solves life's problems.

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October 4, 2015

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Colorado Pen Show
October 10-11, 2015

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Michigan Pen Show
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The MET Troy Conference Center
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Vienna Pen Show
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Wein & Co
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Melbourne Pen Show
November 8, 2015

Malvern Town Hall (Banquet Hall), Glenferrie Road
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Crowne Plaza Dublin Hotel
Columbus, Ohio, USA

Madrid Pen Show
November 13-15, 2015

NH Eurobuilding Hotel
Madrid, Spain

Paris ROCollection
November 15 or 22, 2015

Maison des Compagnons du Devoir
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Bologna Pen Show

November 28, 2015 NH Hotel
Bologna, Italy

Yorkshire Pen Showw

November 29, 2015 Copthorne Hotel
Sheffield, UK

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