Sens minimalistic pen by Verge 2017

by Starostenko Artem, April 1, 2017

PenHeroSens pen gold with notebook and leather cover 2017

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Edited from the Verge press release by Starostenko Artem:

Pen + notebook + leather cover = your edc pocket assistant

PenHeroSens pens with notebooks 2017


How many times you've had a brilliant idea being born in your mind, but there was no paper and a pen at hand to write it down? And by the time you'd found your phone, opened the right application, or ran to the computer, the idea had evaporated as quickly as it appeared. Let's agree that it is vexing – after all, each unrecorded idea is another missed opportunity. I partially solved this problem for myself by inventing the minimalistic Sens pen and successfully implementing its kickstarter campaign.

PenHeroSens pen black with notebook and leather cover 2017

But now its time for Sens to get a much needed pair - because record your ideas, there must be some paper next to the pen. I considered countless notebooks in search for the right option, but in all that diversity I couldn't find the one to match my criteria – I wanted it to be compact, practical and at the same time to please the eye. After some long fruitless searches, I realized that the best solution would be to create the one on my own.

PenHeroSens pen gold with notebook 2017

That's how a unique set was born – combining a conveniently sized notepad with quality paper, a stylish pen, and a hand-sewn leather cover, which, in addition to the notebook and pen cover space, has a compartment for cards and other small things. Not only this set is handy but also is infinitely pleasant to use. Now you can also have an ideal everyday assistant without a single chance to miss that one-in-a-million idea.


All of my successfull projects began their life as sketches and notes in a notebook, and my experience can only prove the fact that people who write down their ideas and put effort in planning and organizing are far more often to reach their goals.

PenHeroSens notebooks 2017

A lot of people switched to using their mobile apps for these tasks lately, thinking of them as of an easier solution. But is it really easy to focus while doing all your planning on your phone or tablet? The oversaturation of options and functions, constant reminders and signals, are a sure way to distract rather than help you concentrate.

PenHeroSens pen with notebook and leather cover 2017

The notebook has only one function and it does it well. There is also no battery to die and leave all of your ideas unrecorded. Not even mentioning the magic that happens when the pen touches the paper... It took a lot of effort to create a notebook that we would happily use ourselves. A handy notebook that is suitable for a variety of uses – from business meetings to quick street sketches.

PenHeroSens notebooks 2017

We created this notebook with careful attention to every detail. We meticulously tested different types of paper, picking the one to stop ink from showing up on the other side of the page so you can write on the both sides. We made it 32 pages with rounded corners so it is still compact and not not too thick while having all the necessary space.

PenHeroSens notebook with Sens pen black 2017

Besides that, we made the pages blank so only you can decide how they'll look. We gave the cover a marble look, because we think it is the embodiment of reliability and natural fineness. Lastly, the notebooks come in 3 different colors so you change them depending on your needs and likings.

Design Specifications

  • Set of 3 marble notebooks (white, gray and black marble)
  • 89mm X 140mm ( 3,5 " x 5,5 " )
  • 32 pages (72 leaves)
  • 100 gsm clean paper
  • Stitched binding
  • Rounded corners


Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away.

PenHeroSens pens 2017

The pen - was reinvented. It is so simple, that it only consists of two parts. A subtle teardrop shape, gives it a great balance to write with comfort and steadiness. The pen is made from aluminum, known for its durability and lightness. Precision machinery and skillful workers needed to shape its flowing curves.

We’ve designed a remarkable rotational mechanism, where one smooth twist, is all that’s required to begin writing. You’ll love it.

PenHeroSens pens 2017

Not only the pen looks good, it writes even better. We are using an innovative system for smooth and elegant writing. It combines the convenience of a ballpoint pen with the individual writing characteristics of a fountain pen.

Design Specifications

  • Minimalistic design
  • Perfect balance
  • Ergonomic design
  • Anodized aircraft aluminum
  • Schmidt P8126 capless roller ball pen refill (0,6 mm)
  • Comparable with any Parker style G2 refills
  • 136mm X 11mm ( 5,35 " x 0,43 " )
  • Weight – 28 grams (1 oz)

Notebook cover.

To keep your pen and notebook together, we created a simple, yet functional cover. Under its minimilast look there is a space for the notebook, a cover for the pen, two slots for cards and a small pocket for some little things that may be handy throughour your day. The cover is also a stylish accessory that's hard to let off your hands, moreover to forget at home.

PenHeroSens notebook covers 2017

The cover is made from natural vegetable tanned leather to give it strength and a nice texture. It also develops a rich tint as time goes on. The sewing patterns are made with a laser cutter for unparalleled precision and accuracy that are impossible to get while cutting by hand.

PenHeroSens notebook cover open 2017

But sewing is only done by hands – it is far more difficult, but the stitches come out stronger and last longer. As a final step, we carefully treat the edges of the leather to give the cover its finished look and provide you with a product that is ideal in every detail.

PenHeroSens notebook cover 2017

Simple like everything ingenious, this set is great to have around. It gives an ability to write down, sketch, plan and organize your plans and ideas to turn them into successful achievements in the future.

PenHeroSens notebook cover 2017

Design Specifications

  • Vegetable tanned leather
  • Nylon thread
  • Hand sewn
  • Pen sleeve
  • 155mm x 115mm ( 6,1 " x 4,5 " )

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