Classic Pens LB5 King Profit 2012

by Jim Mamoulides, June 10, 2012

PenHeroSample renderings of the proposed Classic Pens LB5 King Profit

Finally, Classic Pens has the Sailor King of Pens as a Limited Edition

Classic Pens reached agreement with Sailor to customize the King Profit for its new LB5 series. In the West this pen is named King Of Pens.

Classic Pens worked with Carville to create diffusion bonded acrylic finishes and designs exclusively for its LB5 King Profit series.

The diffusion bonded acrylic rods are now with Sailor who will produce the prototypes. The LB5 King Profit fountain pens will be produced on lathes rather than the more commercial CNC machines.

Below are some initial renderings of the pen in acrylic. The final pens are yet to be revealed. Andreas Lambrou very much likes themes based on nature. Since the King Profit is a Japanese pen and will be offered at the same time and also along with a special edition of Fountain Pens Of Japan, the theme will reflect Japanese culture. It also arrives in the 25th anniversary year of Classic Pens!

PenHeroFountain Pens of Japan Master Edition Jacket

One set will be sent to Jim Mamoulides of in early July and will remain in the USA. The second set will be supplied to Classic Pens Ltd in the UK to exhibit at European pen shows.

The LB5 King Profit will be offered as a duet with a special edition of Fountain Pens Of Japan. The series will be 200 LB5 King Profit and Fountain Pens Of Japan duets worldwide.

PenHeroSailor Cross Point nib

The launch is planned for October 2012.

In the view of Andreas Lambrou, as a pen user and pen designer, the King Profit has one of the best design forms and is also one of the most efficient writers to have come out of Japan, in its entire history of making fountain pens.

The bonus for the upcoming LB5 will be fitting the pens with special King Profit Nagahara nibs, like the Cross Point.

PenHeroClassic Pens LB1 Nagahara

For those who prefer a large pen, the King Profit is a true oversize pen, with a true oversize nib in precious 21-karat gold.

Andreas Lambrou says, “If I were given the opportunity to customize the Japanese fountain pen of my choice, my choice would be the Sailor King Profit. It deserves to be married as a duet with Fountain Pens Of Japan.”

“I am delighted and honored that Sailor authorized Classic Pens to customize its King Profit for our new LB5 series.”

One hundred customers are enjoying the first LB series, the LB1 Nagahara, based on the full size Sailor 80 and launched in 2003. Market values of the LB1 are considerably higher than the original 2003 retail price. The LB5 King Profit, crafted out of diffusion bonded acrylic material, is a step up from the LB1 Nagahara.

Retail price:

Classic Pens will set the Retail price of the pen and book duet, once the diffusion bonded acrylic costs are finalized from Carville. Considering the cost of previous diffusion bonded acrylics used for other pens, such as the LM1 Flame Red and the space blue used on the LB3 Jupiter, it appears the retail price of the duet may be just below US $1,500.

LB5 and Fountain Pens of Japan duet offer:

The LB5 and Fountain Pens of Japan will be offered as a duet.

In the event that customers have already purchased a Limited Edition of Fountain Pens of Japan, either the ALP Andreas Lambrou Limited Edition or the Kaplan LE, and do not wish to acquire a second copy, Classic Pens will offer the LB5 pen to them on its own, and reduce the cost of the duet, by the price they paid for the LE version of the book.

We are looking forward to seeing this new and exciting pen!



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